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Data investigation

1. Query at municipality

Data from official statistics can be obtained from your municipal administration. Sometimes a phone-call might be useful, sometimes a mail leads to success. Please make sure that your data request is complete and the data you get are complete, too.

2. Own queries - from your kitchen table or combined with a village walk

You know the situation in villages: everybody knows everybody. Good knowledge about your village is the pre-condition for own investigations. Please have a look at the data-template, which you can download from the internet. Imagine any house-number along the village's main street: If you imagine the house, you certainly know who is living there. This makes it easy to fill in the template. You know

- who is living there,
- about their next relatives - do they live near the village or far away?
- who is employed and who might be unemployed?
- who runs an enterprise and
- who is active in a group or social club.

And if it happens that you cannot remember exactly about someones living
conditions, please ask a neighbour for help.

If you have completed the data for every house-number, you only need to add them at the bottom row of your data-template. And if you have calculated all sums, you can start with the data-input - either into the internet or in the input file template for later upload. Don't forget the data you got from your municipality!

Congratulation: After completing the table, your job is done - the next steps will do your computer after input of data sums!

Data input here!

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