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Official statistics do not describe elements of demographic transition sufficiently. This makes it difficult to find out chances to act against demographic risks, as these chances depend in particular on local economy and social life. Therefore it is necessary to complete official statistics (green letters) with own investigations (red letters) to close this gap.
The requested data belong to three categories:

1. Population
    1.1 Population totally
    1.1.1 Age groups of population in 6 groups
      (below 6, 6-15, 16-20, 21-45, 46-65, older than 65)
    1.2 Number of households
    1.3 Emigrants within the last 5 years
    1.4 Immigrants within the last 5 years
    1.5 Households without direct relationships in the vicinity of
    village (relatives living more than 15 km away from village)
2. Local economy
    2.1 number of people in employment
    2.1.1 number of people in employment in agriculture/forestry
    2.2 number of unemployed
    2.3 number of enterprises in village
    2.3.1 number of enterprises in agriculture/forestry incl. sideline
    2.3.2 number of enterprises with strong touristic relevance
3. Social activities
    3.1 number of locally active groups and clubs
    3.2 number of group/club members
    3.2.1 number of group/club members with age less than 45

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