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Type 4: description and recommendation

In comparison to the given population the demography of your village is situated in a medium position. The proportion between the young and elder population groups is unbalanced. The elder population groups are growing above-average, whereas the young population groups are decreasing. There are more emigrants than immigrants. The family relationships of your population are not concentrating any more the close neighbourhood, so that have to worry about the risk of empty houses.

Both in economical and in social terms your village has stable structures. The unemployment rate is low; there is an outstanding number of enterprises in your village.

The relatively high number of associations and clubs as well as the number of younger members has a positive effect on social life.

Even if your economic and social level is very positive there is a need for action. Your motto is: Strengthen the strengths! Take care that you economic and social conditions stay stable. Involve more young people into the village life. Keep your village attractive for immigrants. Only in this way you can do something against threaten or given decline.

Village examples for this type:

Dippmannsdorf (Germany)

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