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The diagram shows the results from preceded investigations in 202 villages. Results are combined in three groups of characters.

Columns in violet show the demographic position of a village. The more age groups and other attributes are balanced, the better the demographic situation and expectation for the future.

Red columns are to represent the economic situation in comparison to other villages. The higher the number of employed people and the number of enterprises and the smaller the number of unemployed, the better the economic situation can be described.

Finally yellow columns reflect the conditions for social life. The more groups and group members are active and the higher the rate of young and active group members, the more stabile is the village's society.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
 Type 1: description Type 2: description Type 3: description Type 4: description Type 5: description Type 6: description Type 7: description Type 8: description Type 9: description
Type 1: recommendation Type 2: recommendation Type 3: recommendation Type 4: recommendation Type 5: recommendation Type 6: recommendation Type 7: recommendation Type 8: recommendation Type 9: recommendation
Type 1: List Type 2: List Type 3: List Type 4: List Type 5: List Type 6: List Type 7: List Type 8: List Type 9: List

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