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Project description HINTERLAND

Demographic and social change is a diversified discussed topic in the public.

Especial rural areas are affected by the consequences of the decline in the birth rate and massive emigration already nowadays.

The HINTERLAND-project examines 77 villages from 11 European regions since January 2007.

A main result is that villages and regions differ really much from each other. Some villages have a stable social and economic structure; others even suffer from decline in a very bad way.

The results of this survey can be used like a clinical thermometer: through the comparison with already examined villages it is possible to classify further villages between "healthier" and "less healthier" villages.

For this it is only necessary to collect data. Our typology will provide the position of your village in seconds.

Those who are using this tool will find out where his/her village is situated and what recommendation follows of this.

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