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Vitality test in function

The HINTERLAND vitality-check is a simple operation.

Basic for the check are 21 attributes from 77 villages with less than 1 000 inhabitants.

Every attribute belongs to one of the three main categories "population/demography", "local economy" and "social life".

Depending on the value of the attribute, every feature can range between a scale from 1 to 3.

According to the defined 3 categories a village can score between 1 and 3 points per category. The maximum of points is 9, the minimum is 3 points in total.

The higher the number of points, the better the pre-conditions for managing demographic change.

The result should animate and encourage you to examine, what should be done to improve the individual situation of your village.
The top villages:
9 points (maximum)

The bottom ones:
3 points (minimum)
21 statistical attributes
77 villages as basic for comparisons

3 Main categories:

local economy
social life

3 points per category

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