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Type 1: description and recommendation

The village you live in belongs to one of the less affected ones, concerning the demographic change. The relation between younger and older people and between immigration and emigration is still in balance. Most of your village's inhabitants have their relatives living in the closer surrounding, so that there is currently no risk of vacancy.

However: the demographical situation in Europe, especially in countryside regions, gives reason to worry. Thus, there is a need to act - also in your case. We recommend to watch the further demographical development in your village carefully and to renew your data annually.

Both in economical and in social terms your village has stable structures. The unemployment rate is low; there are an outstanding number of enterprises in your village.

The relatively high number of associations and clubs as well as the number of younger members has a positive effect on social life.

Even if the result of the evaluation of your potential is positive you should not stop working on it. Think of your strong points and strengthen them! Make sure your social and economical excellences stay in a stable condition. Try to integrate younger people in the process of designing and developing the village and keep it attractive to immigrants. Even if your demographical situation is good, the number of inhabitants might decrease sooner or later.

Village examples for this type:

Il'inski (Russia)

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