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Type 2: description and recommendation

In comparison to the general development your village is hardly affected by the decrease of population. The relation between younger and older people and between immigrants and emigrants is still balanced. Most of your village's inhabitants have their relatives living in the closer surrounding, so that the risk of vacancy is quite low. However: the demographical situation in Europe, especially in countryside regions, gives reason to worry. That is why you need to act, too. We recommend to watch the further demographical development in your village carefully and to renew your data annually.

There are two possibilities: either your village has problems in one of the two branches (economy or social life) or it is in a mediocre situation in both of them. To find out your strong and your weak points, you might try to answer the following questions:

    1. Are there many unemployed people but only a few local enterprises in your village?
    2. Is there a social life in your village (associations, clubs etc.)?
    2a. Are there many inhabitants participating in clubs, associations etc?
    2b. Are there some younger ones among them, too?

After having found your strong points and your weak points now, your motto might be: strengthen your strong points and remove the weak ones! Try to figure out how you can keep local enterprises in your village and how you can animate others to settle locally. Do the young people in your village know about job opportunities in the local enterprises? Ask local clubs and associations how to involve more young people in their activities. Show clearly to older and more traditional clubs and associations that their existence depends on recruiting young members. Stable structures are also attractive to immigrants. Think about that, because even if your demographical situation is good, the number of inhabitants might decrease sooner or later.

Village examples for this type:

Helulya (Russia)
Miinala (Russia)
Gottsdorf (Germany)
Czerwonka (Poland)

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