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Type 6: description and recommendation

In comparison to the given population the demography of your village is situated in a medium position. The proportion between the young and elder population groups is unbalanced. The elder population groups are growing above-average, whereas the young population groups are decreasing. There are more emigrants than immigrants. The family relationships of your population are not concentrating any more the close neighbourhood, so that have to worry about the risk of empty houses.

Both in social and economical terms your village has considerable problems. The rate of unemployment is outstandingly high and there are only a few local enterprises. Referring to social life (clubs, associations etc.) your village is underdeveloped. Comparing to the number of inhabitants your village has only a small number of clubs and associations with only a few organised members, who are besides mostly older people.

Unstable social and economical structures are no good supposition to keep people in your village and to attract immigrants. Try urgently to improve your social and economical situation. Figure out what you can do yourself in your village! Try to find ideas how to keep local enterprises in your village and how to animate other ones to settle locally. Find out what kind of problems local enterprises and associations have. Why do local enterprises not offer more apprenticeships? Why are young people not interested in starting an apprenticeship in your village?

Ask local clubs and associations how to involve more young people in their activities. Show clearly to older and more traditional clubs and associations that their existence depends on recruiting young members. Look for people who have ideas or who intend to establish a club or an association - support them!

Stable structures are also attractive to immigrants. Think about that, especially because your demographical situation needs to be improved.

Village examples for this type:

Raudone (Lithuania)
Veliuona (Lithuania)
Kraziai (Lithuania)
Kriukai (Lithuania)
Kruopiai (Lithuania)
Sakyna (Lithuania)
Saukenai (Lithuania)
Tyruliai (Lithuania)
Zeimelis (Lithuania)

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